• Mobile Information Management

    Use MIMS to improve your operational efficiency. Whether helping with a spot solution or enterprise rollout, you deliver all the information needed to do the job with a map kept up to date with GIS.

    • Work Orders / Service Requests
    • Routine Maintenance
    • Vegetation Management
    • System Inspections
    • Service Alerts / Locates
    • Other Scheduled and Unscheduled Jobs

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  • Lite Design

    MIMS Mobile Lite Design is coming soon with MIMS 2018! It enables straightforward workflows integrated with ArcGIS. Field-friendly touchscreen tools to:

  • System Inspections

    Use MIMS to perform any type of system inspection. Straightforward forms simplify data entry that automatically updates GIS for tracking and reporting. Utilities use MIMS for:

    • Transmission line inspections
    • Distribution system inspections
    • Pole inspections
    • Infrared inspections
    • Right of way inspections
    • And more …

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  • Maintenance Management

    Use MIMS to create maintenance jobs and track the status of corrective actions. Dispatch jobs to qualified crews and provide automated forms to simplify data entry. Utilities use MIMS for:

    • Electric distribution maintenance
    • Transmission system maintenance
    • Gas distribution maintenance
    • Fire hydrant and valve maintenance
    • Right of way maintenance
    • And more …

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  • Regulatory Compliance

    Use MIMS to automate regulatory compliance programs. Eliminate paper and redundant data entry for patrols, inspections, corrective actions, and reporting. Utilities use MIMS for:

    • PUC Compliance Management
    • Vegetation and ROW Management
    • Leak Survey and Management
    • Pipeline Integrity Management
    • And more …

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  • Service Order Integration

    Use MIMS to automate customer service. Comprehensive forms collect the right data that automatically updates business systems for tracking and reporting. Utilities use MIMS to integrate with:

    • SAP
    • Maximo
    • Oracle
    • And more …

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  • GPS-enabled Patrol Inspections

    Use MIMS to automatically create inspections based on proximity selection rules. Record defects using automated forms to eliminate paper and redundant data entry. Utilities use MIMS for:

    • Pole inspections
    • Streetlight inspections
    • Surface equipment inspections
    • Damage assessment
    • Aerial Patrols
    • Any visual inspection…

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  • 811 Integration

    Use MIMS to integrate with 811 services. End reliance on email, faxes, and paper. Utilities use MIMS to integrate with:

    • USA South
    • USA North
    • One Call Concepts
    • Sunshine 811
    • DigTESS
    • And more…

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