• Enterprise Software for Utilities

    Automate Processes and Streamline Fieldwork




  • MIMS Office

    MIMS Office is a suite of applications for administrators, analysts, and technicians that offers role-based portals for setup, configuration and maintenance of the MIMS platform. Product offerings include MIMS Console, MIMS Configuration, and MIMS Inbox.

    MIMS Console is a web application used to configure and maintain the system. Through handy automation, distribution of Esri maps is made easy.
    MIMS Inbox is an addin to ArcGIS for Desktop used to manage inspections, redlines, and other GIS edits. Manage incoming operational data using GIS.
    MIMS Configuration is an application used to configure MIMS Mobile. Straightforward configuration simplifies sharing Runtime Content with a click-and-go approach to publishing offline content.
    Access to information is available in custom dashboards to drive useful reports and present targeted analytics to office staff. Custom web applications accommodate specific workflows by streamlining field scheduling, assigning, and dispatching.
  • MIMS Gateway

    MIMS Gateway is application and web server components that support a multi-tier solution architecture and manage application updates, configuration and data. It serves as the hub for the entire mobile information management system.

    MIMS Gateway seamlessly interfaces with ArcGIS for Server to leverage GIS into field operations offering both one-way and two-way incremental replication.

    As the single integration point for business systems of records from ABB, CGI, Cityworks, Maximo, Oracle and SAP, it integrates fieldwork with GIS for efficiency gains.

    MIMS Gateway supports Esri technology, is compatible with ArcFM, and is compliant with enterprise IT standards and security policies.

    MIMS Gateway offers REST API and .NET API for extension useful for building solutions for all types of field work handled by MIMS Field.

  • MIMS Field

    MIMS Field is used every day by thousands of utility staff in compliance, engineering and operations departments to support service order, work order, system inspection, maintenance management, compliance management and asset management processes. It is a stand alone, offline end-user application that streamlines any type of field work by combining intuitive maps with forms. Easy to learn, MIMS Field offers task-based tools to streamline scheduled and unscheduled jobs, plus GIS-based inspections and redlines. Product offerings include MIMS Mobile and GO! Sync Mobile GIS.

    MIMS Mobile is built with ArcGIS Runtime and delivers important inspection, redlining, and job capability on the latest technology.
    GO! Sync Mobile GIS is built with ArcGIS Engine and delivers powerful, feature complete mobile capabilities.
    Automate any utility field work to create efficiencies and benefit from GIS using a powerful API that supports add-ins and extensions to augment core capabilities. Intuitive tools and configurable forms ensure accurate and efficient data capture at the point of activity.