Esri and TC Technology

Long Term Partners

Since 2000, TC Technology has delivered mobile solutions to utilities using the best technology available from Esri. Customers range from large investor-owned utilities to small municipalities and all benefit from a mobile solution using Esri software. Given this strong partnership, TC Technology has received special recognition from Esri including the prestigious partner of the year award.


Platform Alignment

Today, TC Technology’s MIMS uses the latest Esri software development environment and aligns with emerging Esri patterns and practices to extend the system of record and system of engagement capabilities of the ArcGIS platform. MIMS allows field workers to complete all daily work with a single, disconnected map viewer built with ArcGIS Runtime. Results update ArcGIS Enterprise and other integrated business systems.

ArcGIS Identity in MIMS

Named User Support

As of MIMS 2017, support for ArcGIS named user credentials is available. Now ArcGIS platform users login to MIMS with an Esri identity to enable offline ArcGIS Runtime capabilities like feature editing and two-way synchronization.

The Role of MIMS

Streamline Utility Fieldwork

MIMS is an full-featured alternative to ArcGIS Collector, Survey 123 and Navigator when a custom workflow, complex forms or integration is required. MIMS complements and extends the ArcGIS platform by automating utility business processes that demand more capability than standard product options offer.