• Spatially enable any utility business process

    MIMS® spatially enables any utility business process allowing utilities to deploy enterprise class solutions for system inspections, maintenance management, regulatory compliance, field services, work management, damage assessment and 811 call center integration on a single integrated mobile solution platform.

  • Seamless integration with business systems

    MIMS utility solutions are integrated with business solutions provided by ABB®, CGI®, IBM®, Oracle® and SAP® automating various business processes and supporting workforce automation and asset management solutions affecting thousands of utility field workers.

  • Tight integration with
    Esri® ArcGIS Platform

    MIMS tightly integrates with ArcGIS® Server. MIMS natively supports ArcGIS Server feature services for one-way and two-way sync processes. MIMS edit framework relies on the ArcGIS Server REST API to seamlessly return edits to ArcGIS Server where they are accessible to other enterprise business processes.

  • Automate creation of ArcGIS Runtime Content

    ArcGIS Runtime Content creation is more art than science at present. MIMS simplifies the process of creating and maintaining offline ArcGIS Runtime Content from typical electric, gas, water and sewer utility databases including ArcFM Solution databases.

  • Share maps and data with thousands of users

    MIMS extends Esri product capabilities with specific improvements that make sharing offline content easy on an enterprise scale. MIMS supports both incremental and snapshot replication approaches to support a wide variety of utility business process map and data requirements.

  • Streamline data collection at the point of activity

    MIMS provides field users with powerful and feature-rich redline and inspection tools in a non-intrusive way to enable field workers to capture richly detailed – and accurate – spatial and tabular information at the point of activity while completing their daily work.

  • Build friendly and smart task-based workflows

    MIMS provides field users with intuitive task-based workflows. Tasks aggregate related inspection or redline layers and abstract the complex underlying GIS schema. Users simply choose a task, follow on-screen prompts and start creating redlines or inspections. When they are finished creating a new record, they simply save and the record is automatically submitted to ArcGIS Server.

  • Provide custom configurable forms

    MIMS supports custom configurable forms with drop-down lists, auto-populated fields and data validation rules. Data entered into MIMS forms updates the GIS and/or work and asset information in business systems of record like Maximo®, Oracle WAM® or SAP.

  • Support enterprise IT and security standards

    MIMS is enterprise software for utilities compliant with enterprise IT system and security policies. Staff have access to configuration portals for system setup and maintenance. A scalable n-tier solution architecture supports large distributed workforces. Support for Active Directory authentication streamlines group policy administration. SSL encryption makes information transfer secure. Custom connection management plug-ins provide granular control of bandwidth utilization.