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  • What options do I have for synchronizing data using GO! Sync?

    There are several options available to control when and how data are synchronized using GO! Sync.  At a high level, the options include: 1.       Managing when data are available for sync 2.       Managing what type of data are available for sync 3.       Managing how data are packaged for sync 4.       Controlling GO! Sync program execution […]

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  • Uploading of synchronization status

    How to configure client machines so they are uploading synchronization status: First, disable FTP Service to all client machines that will have their synchronization status displayed.  If this involves all client machines you can disable this FTP service (Windows, Gene6 or other), on the GO! Sync Server. Locate your $serverdataMobileUploads folder.  In this location, create a SyncStatus folder.  […]

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  • Data Synchronization – Different options for the GO! Sync FTP Client

    What is Offline Processing? Off line Processing is the Syncing mode the FTP User Interface will default to when it can not open a connection to the GO! Sync Server. The upside to this functionality is it allows end users to download data, etc., even if the GO! Sync client machine is placing a lock […]

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