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  • GO! Sync Mapbook A tab extension could not be created when using the Class Type

    When starting GO! Sync Mapbook on some devices, the following error occurs: A tab extension could not be created when using the Class Type ‘Tadpole.GoSync.Mapbook.SimpleUI.ContentsUserControl’. (Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.) If ArcGIS is installed on the device where this error occurs, confirm the […]

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  • GO! Sync Mapbook Not Deploying to C:Program Files (x86)GO! Sync

    If you find that GO! Sync Mapbook is not being deployed to C:Program Files (x86)GO! SyncMapbookbin this is because you have not set ‘Users’ permissions to modify the GO! Sync folder. The backup ‘non program files’ location it will deploy to in this instance is C:GISDataAppMapbookbin. Other TCT components will be deployed correctly as they […]

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  • Modify Auto Invoke Search Time

    Problem:   If you find that the AutoInvoke runs before your search parameter is entered completely, you may need to extend the amount of time it takes to auto prompt the search. Solution:   Modify the <AutoAfterKeyPressSearchInvoke>1000</AutoAfterKeyPressSearchInvoke> tag.  This tag can be found near the top of your GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml (typically located in C:GISDataMobileConfiguration). Its measured […]

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  • How do I set up inspections in Mapbook so that my field crew can distinguish between inspections completed that day versus those completed earlier?

    For completed inspections, you can create a duplicate of the inspection’s layer itself by doing a copy and paste of the layer within your completed inspections group (if one exists) in your MXD, and then symbolize accordingly. Both definition queries below distinguish inspections created on the same day or roughly a day, where the true […]

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  • How to add new Inspection Sketch functionality in Mapbook

    The location of an inspection can be sketched or “redlined”, instead of drawing point / line / polygon, for inspection types that support sketching. One or more sketch ‘elements’ can form a single sketch inspection.  Multiple drawing types, such as text and lines, can be used in a single sketch inspection. It should be noted […]

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  • Hyperlinks to a network path

    If you want to utilize the power of Mapbook and hyperlink features to their associated pdfs, jpgs, dwg’s, or other picture format from a network path or shared drive, here’s how this can be done: Locate your Hyperlink.xml document on your GO! Sync Server.  This will be located in $serverdata\MobileDownloads\Default\MobileConfiguration\Hyperlink.xml. Configure the feature class that will contain hyperlink values, for example:  […]

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  • Data Synchronization – Different options for the GO! Sync FTP Client

    What is Offline Processing? Off line Processing is the Syncing mode the FTP User Interface will default to when it can not open a connection to the GO! Sync Server. The upside to this functionality is it allows end users to download data, etc., even if the GO! Sync client machine is placing a lock […]

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  • New XML tags for GO! Sync Mobile GIS Version 9.X.72

    Recently, we released our latest version of GO! Sync Mobile GIS Version 9.X.72.  In case you don’t have all the tags to enable the new functionality, we created this blog to help. Configurable Shutdown: Locate your GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml file and insert the following tags within the <InternalSettings></InternalSettings> tag: <!– If set to true, asks the user […]

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  • Hyperlink from the Identify window

    How do I use the hyperlink tool in Mapbook? The hyperlink tool retrieves documents associated with features on the map.  Documents are linked to features in layers that have been enabled for hyperlinks, for example, a photograph of a Pole.  Different picture formats are support, such as JPG, PDF, DWG, as long as there is […]

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  • Can you change the default tool in Mapbook on start up from Gesture to Pan tool?

    Some users prefer that that when Mapbook starts up the default start up tool be changed to something specific, such as the “Pan” tool.  This can be done by changing the <default_tool> tag: Open your GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml file and locate the following tag: <default_tool>GestureUI_Gestures</default_tool> *Where “GestureUI_Gestures” is the name of the tool you want to use […]

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