Case Studies

  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

    Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) is a customer-owned electric utility that serves more than 156,000 customers in suburban and rural Maryland counties southeast of Washington DC.

    SMECO’s system of record for maintenance management is CGI’s PragmaCAD. Part of the process handled by this system includes field work, which is recorded for tracking and planning purposes – plus used to report compliance to the public service commission.

    Field crews equipped with TC Technology’s MIMS, use it to view GIS and work in near real time. That work is plotted on the map of the entire service territory and used to navigate to job sites where system inspections are performed using straightforward forms. Results update GIS and PragmaCAD for ongoing operations. Any failures trigger immediate repairs to ensure a properly functioning electrical system.

    MIMS empowers field crews with easy to use inspection software powered by GIS while PragmaCAD provides maintenance management. The software is integrated in a way that helps SMECO streamline important field work and improve corporate systems.

    Case Study

    Organization: Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
    Location: Maryland
    Industry: Electric Cooperative

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