Case Studies

  • Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative

    • Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, headquartered in Chase City, Virginia, with three district offices—Chase City, Gretna, and Emporia. Serving over 31,000 accounts, it provides electricity to portions of nine counties in Southside Virginia. In 2004 MEC became the first electric utility to be featured on Terry Bradshaw’s “Pick of the Week” national television program.

      MEC targets Line Inspections for improvement.
      Maintenance management and compliance with public utility commission regulations are two strong reasons to execute regular and thorough system inspections. Over the years, a paper processes prove troublesome, and MEC automated line inspections using MIMS.


      MEC benefits from automation.
      Using standard inspection forms, MEC simplified data collection efforts for inspectors. Field personnel now collect the right information for the right assets storing the results in GIS. Reporting and spatial analysis help MEC show compliance, assess trends, and schedule follow-up.
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    • Case Study

      Organization: Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative
      Location: Virginia
      Industry: Touchstone Energy Cooperative

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