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  • Henkels & McCoy

    • Henkels & McCoy is one of the largest privately held engineering, network development and construction firms serving the communications, information technology and utility industries. They have more than 80 offices strategically located from New England to Hawaii.

      Henkels & McCoy streamlines streetlight inventory.
      On behalf of two Southern California municipalities, Henkels & McCoy performed inspections of all streetlights within each city. Using paper maps and forms to record field observations is inefficient, problematic, and without competitive advantage.

      Henkels & McCoy benefits from GIS and GPS.
      Using forms powered by GIS and GPS, Henkels & McCoy inspectors drive prearranged routes reporting any problems using a simple drop option. The location-aware software records pass records for streetlights without problems. Once a route is complete, the results are automatically shared with the customer for reporting and scheduling repairs. Overall, Henkels & McCoy helps the municipality maintain a high level of streetlight service.

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    • Case Study

      Organization: Henkels & McCoy
      Location: California
      Industry: Engineering & Utility Infrastructure Contractors

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