Case Studies

  • Burbank Water and Power

    • Burbank Water and Power (BWP) is Burbank’s community-owned water and electric utility, providing reliable, affordable and sustainable services to the residents and businesses of Burbank.

      BWP targets field inspection improvement. Before using MIMS, BWP performed many important electrical maintenance and compliance inspections by hand with various canned forms or notes. In either case, the results were stored on paper, sometimes entered into systems, and often difficult to manage. This approach did not benefit from GIS or integrated enterprise systems. To address it, automated inspection forms were trialed, but adoption rate was slow.


      BWP benefits from field-inspired inspection. Incorporating input from experienced inspectors, BWP redesigned and deployed intelligent forms that adapt to the asset and its unique situation. Inspections initiate using GIS and the results are stored in a corporate system allowing easy analysis, reporting, and follow up. Overall, the improvements save time and money by streamlining a once cumbersome paper process.

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    • Case Study

      Organization: Burbank Water and Power
      Location: California
      Industry: Electric Utility

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