• GO! Sync Mapbook Not Deploying to C:Program Files (x86) GO! Sync

    If you find that GO! Sync Mapbook is not being deployed to C:Program Files (x86)GO! SyncMapbookbin this is because you have not set ‘Users’ permissions to modify the GO! Sync folder. The backup ‘non program files’ location it will deploy to in this instance is C:GISDataAppMapbookbin. Other TCT components will be deployed correctly as they […]

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  • How to change symbology or add a new layer to your GO! Sync project

    Changing symbology to a pre-existing layer: For your GO! Sync project if you are changing the symbology to a pre-existing layer, you will need to make the symbology change in ArcMap and then save your changes. The MXD’s being used by your project can be found in the $serverdataMobileDownloadsDefaultMXD folder location, where $serverdata is the server […]

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