How to Create a Map Package (MPK) for Snapshot Data

The following article discusses data and MXD preparation guidelines for creating Map Package Snapshot Data.

Map Package

An ArcGIS map package is essentially a zip file that includes a Map Document (.mxd) and the data that the layers reference in a file geodatabase. Data is packaged with the map document in our case, for offline distribution and use.

NOTE: Due to improved performance, Runtime Content is recommended over Map Packages for use with MIMS Mobile.





Create MPK Sequence

NOTE:  Stage 2, MIMS Mobile Configuration, is not available in MIMS 2016, therefore assistance from Professional Services is required.


  1. Make sure you have satisfied the prerequisites.
  2. Make sure you have input the relevant ArcGIS Runtime license via MIMS Configuration. A Runtime Standard license is required for clients to use MPK’s.
  3. Follow rules for MXD preparation.
  4. Ensure MXD passes Analyze for MPK.
  5. Use MIMS Configuration tool to ‘drop’ MXD into Data Management RTC page.
  6. Select content type – default is MPK (will create on Save when MPK does not exist).
  7. Use MIMS Configuration tool to configure the data source (enabled, timed maintenance)


  • Annotation
  • Generates easier than Runtime Content.


  • Requires a Runtime Standard license.
  • Slower performance than RTC.
  • Requires LocalServer on client (memory and application download larger).


Click here to learn how to create Runtime Content.