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  • September 2016
  • Brunswick and Topsham Water District Implements MIMS Mobile

    Carlsbad, CA – September 27, 2016- TC Technology announces Brunswick and Topsham Water District upgraded its mobile information management system to MIMS 2016. The short project included deployment of MIMS Mobile to field staff who now benefit from the latest mapping, redlining, and inspection capability from TC Technology. MIMS, which stands for mobile information management […]

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  • How to Create Runtime Content (RTC) for Snapshot Data

    The following article discusses data and MXD preparation guidelines for creating Runtime Content Snapshot Data. Runtime Content Runtime Content is a consolidated format that packages feature layers, network datasets and locators from a map document into a single folder and prepares it for use by ArcGIS Runtime. File format is a SQLite Geodatabase. Helpful Links:  […]

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  • How to create a Manifest.xml and ManifestV2.xml

    Steps to create the Manifest.xml: On the server, navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\GO! Sync\Tools Double- click the GoSync.AppStarter.CreateManifest.exe Navigate to the Communications folder on the server where the missing Manfest.xml is supposed to be. In this case, the manifest is in C:\GISDataServer\MobileDownloads\Default\AppUpdates\Communications\Sync 4. Click ‘Create’ and the missing Manifest.xml is created.   Steps to create […]

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