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  • August 2015
  • TC Technology Grows Professional Service Team

    Carlsbad, CA August 31, 2015 – TC Technology continues its investment in staff by hiring Greg Garner as director of professional services. In his new role, he oversees all customer projects ensuring well planned and executed engagements. Greg’s background includes over thirty years of geospatial project experience within the utility industry. His successful track record includes […]

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  • Cron Schedules

    Cron schedules for HTTP Sync Sets allow the user to specify a sync frequency with greater flexibility. For example, it can be as simple as ‘Sync at 8AM every day’, or as complex as ‘Sync every 5 minutes starting at 1PM and ending at 1:35PM, AND sync every 5 minutes starting at 8PM and 8:45PM, […]

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  • How to set up Feeder View Configuration

    Feeder View Configuration The ‘Feeder View’ is a special kind of saved view. 1. The SavedViews.xml configuration file contains two additional tags: <assembly> and <typeName>. These tags differentiate the Feeder View from the other Saved Views. Here is an example of a feeder view configured in the SavedViews.xml configuration file:   2. In addition to […]

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  • How to set up the Locate XY tool in GO! Sync Mapbook

    There is a Locate XY tool that can be enabled on a toolbar. It uses the coordinate system for the map – typically the one set in the MXD’s dataframe. Here are steps to set this up: 1. In $serverdata<configuration group>MobileConfiguration make a back up of the GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml 2. Open the GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml in a .xml […]

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