Imperial Irrigation District Contracts with TC Technology to Automate Field Work

Carlsbad, CA, – July 31, 2014 – Imperial Irrigation District (IID) contracted TC Technology to automate another important workflow. IID already benefits across the organization from a MIMS enterprise license agreement and this project, which is underway and expected to complete during 2014, addresses field service orders originating from SAP.

IID provides electric power to more than 145,000 customers in the Imperial Valley and parts of Riverside and San Diego counties. As the sixth largest utility in California, IID controls more than 1,100 megawatts of energy derived from a diverse resource portfolio that includes its own generation, and long- and short-term power purchases. As a consumer-owned utility, IID works to efficiently and effectively meet its customers’ demands at the best possible rates, tying its area’s low-cost of living directly with low-cost utilities.

With this contract, TC Technology delivers a completely automated integration allowing IID to assign, schedule, and dispatch meter and service order SAP notifications to technicians who use simple and intuitive mobile software to complete jobs. Once completed, jobs synchronize with MIMS and SAP is updated. To ease management and improve overall situational awareness, a web map displays the location and status of workers and jobs.

MIMS, which stands for mobile information management system, targets return on investment by automating paper processes, streamlining tasks, and presenting helpful mapping to utility field workers. Offerings include GO! Sync Mapbook, MIMS Console, MIMS Gateway, and now MIMS Mobile.

About TC Technology
TC Technology delivers more than powerful intuitive mapping. Our products empower organizations to recognize the advantages of mobile information management. Field workers benefit from real time job information on the latest maps while operations benefit from boosts in productivity. Affordable, quick to deploy and easy to use, TC Technology’s products are right for any sized organization. Products include MIMS and GO! Sync Mobile GIS.