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  • January 2014
  • MIMS DB – Delete Double Records

    Information about an individual MIMS Job is stored in the MIMS database in a set of tables: Table Name Function MimsTicket Top level ticket information including type of ticket, status and last update date MimsTicketAction A record for each action performed on the ticket. This can be an assignment change, status change or an update […]

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  • TC Technology Releases MIMS 78

    Carlsbad, CA, – January 24, 2014 – TC Technology, leading supplier of mobile information management systems for utilities, announces its latest product release. MIMS version 10.2.78 is now available. Enhancements include improvements to MIMS Inbox and MIMS Console, support for ArcGIS 10.2, support for Windows Server 2012, support for SQL Server 2012, support for Windows […]

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