Utilities and Mobile GIS Webinar: Go Mobile the Right Way and Fully Realize the Power of GIS

Carlsbad, CA, – November 20, 2013 – Along with partner Motion Computing and Intel, TC Technology presents Utilities and Mobile GIS Webinar on December 3, 2013 at 11:00 am PST.

Utilities and Mobile GIS: Go Mobile the Right Way and Fully Realize the Power of GIS
What makes for successful utility workers? Instant access to all of the right information while they are in the field at the exact moment they need it. Mobile GIS allows field workers to benefit from data originally locked in the office- improving operations and streamlining your busy day. But, there’s more to think about in a Mobile GIS deployment than software.

Join TC Technology, Intel and Motion Computing for a webinar that discusses:

  • Implementing mobility to support your ADMS roll out
  • Why a powerful enterprise-ready device is crucial to the success of your workers
  • The importance of ensuring that your connectivity and phasing info is up to date.
  • Technology expectations of your workforce as well as your customers
  • Best practices to integrate and manage secure mobile devices in the field

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About TC Technology
TC Technology delivers more than powerful intuitive mapping. Our products empower organizations to recognize the advantages of mobile information management. Field workers benefit from real time job information on the latest maps while operations benefit from boosts in productivity. Affordable, quick to deploy and easy to use, TC Technology’s products are right for any sized organization. Products include MIMS and GO! Sync Mobile GIS. www.TCTechnology.com.