City of Lewiston Purchases GO! Sync Mobile GIS

Carlsbad, CA, – August 30, 2013 – TC Technology announces the City of Lewiston, Maine purchased GO! Sync Mobile GIS for its Department of Public Works.

Lewiston, an All-American City, is the second-largest city in Maine located midway between Portland and Augusta. It sits on the east bank of the Androscoggin River and the river’s Great Falls. The town was founded in 1770 and chartered in 1795. During the industrial revolution, water power from the Androscoggin River powered textile mills which fueled its population growth and development as a regional industrial and cultural center. Lewiston is also home to Bates College.

With GO! Sync Mobile GIS, personnel performing field work replace paper maps with invaluable utility information straight from GIS. Now workers use interactive maps while on the job. One targeted improvement for the City of Lewiston is GPS-enabling visual inspections of public works facilities. When complete, results are sent to GIS when devices come online whether wired or wireless.

With GO! Sync Mobile GIS, organizations like the City of Lewiston recognize the advantages of mobile information management. Return on investment results from reducing paper map costs and streamlining such tasks as planned and unplanned work, routine maintenance, and inspections.

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