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  • January 2013
  • TC Technology Announces Annual Customer Webcast Series

    Carlsbad, CA, – January 24, 2013 – TC Technology announces its annual Customer Webcast Series. This informative set of online presentations is hosted by TC Technology with customers sharing their real world stories. The series kicks-off in February with Imperial Irrigation District presenting “MIMS and GO! Sync Mobile GIS for Service Alerts”. Attend to learn […]

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  • Modify Auto Invoke Search Time

    Problem:   If you find that the AutoInvoke runs before your search parameter is entered completely, you may need to extend the amount of time it takes to auto prompt the search. Solution:   Modify the <AutoAfterKeyPressSearchInvoke>1000</AutoAfterKeyPressSearchInvoke> tag.  This tag can be found near the top of your GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml (typically located in C:GISDataMobileConfiguration). Its measured […]

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  • Version Compatibility Recommendations

    The compatibility between ESRI product versions and GO! Sync Server and GO! Sync Client is very important to maintain the stability of your system. We recommend using the same version across your range of ESRI products and GO! Sync products.  In other words, if you are employing a 10.1 version of the SDE you would want […]

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  • Log File Management

    In versions of GO! Sync Mobile GIS prior to 75, log files on the server must be managed manually. There is potential for large log files to accumulate over time if not periodically reviewed and deleted. In this instance, it is recommended that the GO! Sync Mobile GIS project manager or responsible party within your […]

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