How does GO! Sync update my FTP binaries?

On GO! Sync client machine’s the “GO! Sync Service Updater” once started updates the FTP binaries by copying the contents of the client machine’s C:GISDataAppUpdatesFTP folder to the C:Program FilesGO! SyncFTPBin directory.

Keep in mind however, that both FTP and Mapbook binaries originate from your GO! Sync server to each client machine upon sync.


The GO! Sync Service Updater is shown below and found on the client machine by running Services.msc




On a client machine the above two services should start automatically on system reboot.


For the Mapbook binaries specifically:


The C:GISDataAppUpdatesMapbook directory updates the C:Program Files (x86)GO! SyncMapbookbin folder by way of running the C:Program Files (x86)GO! SyncMapbookAppStarterTadpole.GoSync.AppStarter.exe (this is also the Mapbook desktop shortcut found on client machines).  After clicking on the desktop shortcut Mapbook will start and you should see a UI pop up with a green progress bar indicating your Mapbook binaries are being updated.