Adding a Saved View

Adding a new Saved View?  Had a request for a customized MXD for all or one of your client configuration groups?  Not only do you need to create the new MXD with associated symbology and save etc., you also need to add an entry to the SavedViews.xml configuration file if you’d like it to appear in Saved Views on relevant Mapbook clients.

To do this, find SavedViews.xml in C:GISDataServerMobileDownloadsDefaultMobileConfiguration (where C: is the root directory of your GO! Sync Mobile GIS Server, and Default is the client configuration group that the new view applies to).  Open and add a new <SavedView> either by copying an existing View, or using the code below with your information:

<SavedView name=”New MXD”>
  <!– Description is shown to the user in the open Saved View dialog –>
  <description>Specified View</description>
  <!– The name of the MXD that should be opened if the user select this Saved View –>

Save these changes and sync from the client machine(s) to make the new MXD and Saved View available.