Enabling Toggle Layers in Mapbook

If you want to easily turn on or off 1 layer or an entire group of layers you can enable the Toggle View command.

Configuring Toggle Layer Functionality:


ToggleLayers.xml: location: <ServerDataRoot>MobileDownloadsDefaultMobileConfigurationToggleLayers.xml

1) Open the ToggleLayers.xml in the MobileConfiguration Folder.  *If you don’t have the ToggleLayers.xml file we can provide you this file or please contact your project manager to obtain this file and the ToggleLayers.xsd.

2) Update any LayerName Tag(s) to the layer(s) to be Toggled in GO! Sync Mapbook.


Here is what the code will look like:











3) Delete any LayerName tags that are not used.

4) Save and Close the xml document.


GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml (GSMC.xml): location: <ServerDataRoot>MobileDownloadsDefaultMobileConfigurationGoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml

5) Uncomment the Toggle Layer button in the GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml file and save.  If you don’t have the code below you can copy and paste into your GoSyncMobileConfiguration.xml within the <Toolbar></Toolbar> section.

<Tool name=”CustomCommands_ToggleLayer”>
<caption>Toggle Layers</caption>

6) Open Mapbook