Clallam County PUD Signs ELA with TC Technology

Carlsbad, CA, – August 23, 2011- TC Technology announces today that Clallam PUD No. 1 of Clallam County (Clallam PUD) deployed an enterprise license agreement (ELA) of GO! Sync Mobile GIS.

Clallam PUD is located in northwest Washington State and its electric department serves approximately 30,000 electric meters throughout a 2,000 square mile service territory. To enhance the effectiveness of its electric field crews over such a vast region, GO! Sync Mobile GIS was introduced in 2009. Now with the ELA anyone in the utility can benefit from the easy-to-use mapping software complete with sketching, inspection, and GPS capabilities. One area Clallam PUD shows benefit is streamlined underground locating operations.

GO! Sync Mobile GIS is used by locators to receive, manage, and complete tickets. Color coded tickets are available in electronic format, displayed on a map, and worked using intuitive functionality. As status is updated, the tickets are automatically synchronized with an enterprise database, which is used for storage, analysis and reporting. The result is a streamlined, automated workflow that leverages geographic information system (GIS) and eliminates troublesome paper.

GO! Sync is the cost-effective mobile GIS solution perfectly suited for organizations of any size. Boasting a suite of standard ready-to-deploy tools for inspecting, sketching, searching, tracing, routing, and GPS, GO! Sync Mobile GIS makes enterprise deployment straightforward with a flexible, centrally managed application framework that allows for simple integration with popular work management and asset management solutions. These features make GO! Sync Mobile GIS a powerful workforce automation platform for organizations with a distributed workforce like utilities, governments and private enterprises. GO! Sync is the Mobile GIS Standard.

About TC Technology
TC Technology is a proven leader in Mobile GIS, providing both products and services to a broad range of markets across the nation. TC Technology’s solutions are built using GO! Sync, The Mobile GIS Standard, which provides organizations complimentary options for deploying easy-to-use geospatial information into the hands of its field force where significant return on investment is achieved.