Visualizing Change in Kern County, California

Carlsbad, CA January 31, 2011
The Kern Council of Governments (KernCOG) selected TC Technology to provide 3D visualization services for future land use and transportation planning.

KernCOG is a federally-designated metropolitan planning organization (MPO) committed to address regional transportation issues in Kern County, California. Federal Transportation Law requires all MPOs to use visualization techniques to strengthen public participation/ understanding of the planning and project delivery process. In compliance with this mandatory requirement, KernCOG secured TC Technology to deliver animated movies and graphic simulations as a public outreach tool.

TC Technology worked directly with the local municipalities and business owners to develop cost-effective, conceptual designs for redevelopment projects throughout the county. The end products allow local planners to reach consensus on specific policies such as maximum building height, on-site parking restrictions, bike lane feasibility, pedestrian planning, bus transit routing, use of green space and overall downtown beautification strategies. Because the 3D models are GIS-centric, overhead utility lines, line-of-sight elevations and walkability challenges are identified as potential obstacles early in the process. Overall, the animated movies and graphic simulations improve public participation ensuring increased public understanding and acceptance of specific regional blueprint principles.

Due to the widespread success at public presentations and demand from the local jurisdictions, KernCOG is expanding the use of 3D visualizations to assist with California High Speed Rail planning efforts. Projects include managing multiple alignment options under consideration for the region, assessing the feasibility of the proposed 60-foot elevated Bakersfield platform and station, and laying-out the proposed Shafter Heavy Maintenance Facility and test track.

To learn how your organization can benefit from 3D visualization techniques from TC Technology, please view this brochure or attend an upcoming TC Technology’s presentation at the CalGIS Conference in March 2011 or ESRI-CA-Regional User Group Meeting in February 2011.

About Kern Council of Governments

Kern Council of Governments, better known as Kern COG, is an association of city and county governments created to address regional transportation issues. Its member agencies include the County of Kern, the City of Bakersfield, and the 10 incorporated cities within Kern County, California. Kern COG is responsible for developing and updating a variety of transportation plans and for allocating the federal and state funds to implement them. For more information on the Kern Regional Blueprint and High Speed Rail initiatives, please visit their website target=”News”>

About TC Technology
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