City of Burbank Deploys GO! Sync Mobile GIS

Carlsbad, CA September 8, 2010
TC Technology announces the City of Burbank deployed GO! Sync Mobile GIS to its public works department. GO! Sync Mobile GIS’s intuitive mapping software seamlessly integrates with the city’s enterprise geographic information system (GIS) providing mission critical geospatial data to the department’s field personnel.

The City of Burbank, population approximately 110,000, built a centralized citywide GIS that now helps field crews everyday. With GO! Sync Mobile GIS, staff use interactive maps to view and query facility information, analyze job sites, and sketch map corrections and work related drawings that are automatically shared with GIS. Instead of troublesome paper maps, staff uses up-to-date spatial data, which improves customer service, routine maintenance, and emergency work.

“We had the goal to extend our GIS to our public works field staff,” states Kevin Woodruff, GIS Analyst. “An obvious starting point is replacing paper maps, which is a great fit for GO! Sync Mobile GIS. It is straightforward to deploy and, because the software is easy to pick-up and use, training is brief and the benefits immediate. Now our crews have geospatial data at their finger tips. ”

GO! Sync is the cost-effective mobile GIS solution perfectly suited for organizations of any size. Boasting a suite of standard ready-to-deploy tools for inspecting, sketching, searching, tracing, routing, and GPS, GO! Sync Mobile GIS makes enterprise deployment straightforward with a flexible, centrally managed application framework that allows for simple integration with popular work management and asset management solutions. These features make GO! Sync Mobile GIS a powerful workforce automation platform for organizations with a distributed workforce like utilities, governments and private enterprises. GO! Sync is the Mobile GIS Standard.

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