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  • September 2010
  • City of Burbank Deploys GO! Sync Mobile GIS

    Carlsbad, CA September 8, 2010 – TC Technology announces the City of Burbank deployed GO! Sync Mobile GIS to its public works department. GO! Sync Mobile GIS’s intuitive mapping software seamlessly integrates with the city’s enterprise geographic information system (GIS) providing mission critical geospatial data to the department’s field personnel. The City of Burbank, population […]

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  • How to add new Inspection Sketch functionality in Mapbook

    The location of an inspection can be sketched or “redlined”, instead of drawing point / line / polygon, for inspection types that support sketching. One or more sketch ‘elements’ can form a single sketch inspection.  Multiple drawing types, such as text and lines, can be used in a single sketch inspection. It should be noted […]

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