Henkels & McCoy Implements GO! Sync Mobile GIS on a Segway(R) Personal Transport

Carlsbad, CA February 22, 2010 – TC Technology, a leader in mobile GIS, announces that Henkels & McCoy’s Engineering Group has implemented GO! Sync Mobile GIS to do streetlight inspections for a Southern California municipality.

The intuitive ESRI ArcGIS-based solution was selected as an improvement over using paper and enables the inspector to concentrate on identifying defects while traveling his inspection route using a Segway personal transporter. This innovative technology solution has greatly improved the efficiency of the inspectors.

In October of 2009, Henkels & McCoy was contracted to perform streetlight inspections as a part of a larger project to improve the quality of GIS for a Southern California municipality. This current phase of the project focuses on recording faulty streetlights so the city can maintain its high level of lighting service and schedule necessary repairs.

This paperless, GPS solution operates using an exception principal, which means Henkels & McCoy drives an inspection route recording passes on all streetlights encountered until a problem is spotted. At that point, a failure record is created using simple down forms within GO! Sync Mobile GIS. Recorded passes and manually entered failures are stored electronically until the device is online when the data is automatically synchronized.

“Our goal is customer satisfaction for a reasonable price and with this unique technology solution we improved the overall process saving time and money,” states Brad Mayo, Asset Management Specialist for Henkels & McCoy. “Leveraging a customer’s GIS in the field with ESRI-based technology is an added benefit in that data is maintained it is native state for immediate validation by us or use by the customer.”

Using GO! Sync Mobile GIS for data collection services is one of its many uses. GO! Sync Mobile GIS offers viewing, sketching, inspecting, workflow integration, and AVL solutions. Used across the nation by large and small organizations, GO! Sync Mobile is affordable, straightforward to deploy, and built with ESRI technology.

About Henkels & McCoy
Henkels & McCoy is one of the largest privately held engineering, network development and construction firms serving the communications, information technology and utility industries. We have more than 80 offices strategically located from New England to Hawaii.
Contact number: (909) 517 1198

About TC Technology
TC Technology is a proven leader in Mobile GIS, providing both products and services to a broad range of markets across the nation. TC Technology’s solutions are built using GO! Sync, The Mobile GIS Standard, which provides organizations complimentary options for deploying easy-to-use geospatial information into the hands of its field force where significant return on investment is achieved.