Clark County Water Reclamation District Selects GO! Sync Mobile GIS

CA, June 29, 2009
– TC Technology, a leader in Mobile GIS, announces Clark County Water Reclamation District (District) recently selected GO! Sync Mobile GIS to replace paper mapbooks used by field personnel.

Paper mapbooks poised real problems for the District. First, once printed the mapbooks were quickly out of date, forcing field personnel to rely on either bad information or hand sketched corrections. Second, any corrections made to the outdated mapbooks by field personnel were never shared with others, including GIS, and therefore ultimately lost. As a result, the paper mapbooks proved problematic and went unused by field personnel.

To address these issues, the District decided to leverage its successful GIS by establishing a mobile GIS initiative, which involved GO! Sync as a replacement to paper mapbooks. Its field friendly functionally offered improved spatial analysis, valve isolation tracing for example, and its data management technology ensured information is always kept up to date. Now, field personnel who need accurate maps for daily work have them and powerful tools at their fingertips.

The selection also included the Redline Extension as it equips District field personnel with an easy to use tool to sketch updates on their maps that are automatically shared with all users, including GIS. With those sketches, GIS editors create real feature updates automatically downloaded to the field datasets. No more lost map corrections.

On top of the straightforward functionality and reliable data management, GO! Sync Mobile GIS is easy to implement and maintain. Most of the set-up is configuration that the District is able to alter as needed. Moreover, using GO! Sync’s API, the District is able to enhance its solutions with in-house customizations that do not require vendor support.

“GO! Sync Mobile GIS allows us to replace paper maps with intuitive GIS,” states Brian Bolduc, Sr. GIS Analyst. “We reviewed the market, performed pilot studies of other software, and found GO! Sync Mobile GIS as the best fit for us. Not only does it meet our immediate objectives, but it is easy to maintain and extend.”

GO! Sync Mapbook with the Redline Extension is an enterprise mobile solution built for organizations invested in ESRI’s ArcGIS software. Rendering directly from a geodatabase and providing a suite of field-friendly tools such as searching, tracing, sketching, and routing on a flexible, centrally managed application framework, GO! Sync Mobile GIS is affordable, straightforward to deploy, and suited for both large and small organizations.

About TC Technology
TC Technology is a proven leader in Mobile GIS, providing both products and services to a broad range of markets across the nation. TC Technology’s solutions are built using GO! Sync, The Mobile GIS Standard, which provides organizations complimentary options for deploying easy-to-use geospatial information into the hands of its field force where significant return on investment can be achieved.