Brunswick and Topsham Water District Implements GO! Sync Mobile GIS

CA, May 26, 2009
– The Brunswick
and Topsham Water District recently implemented GO! Sync Mobile GIS to
support the field deployment of GIS data to District

District started cataloging major distribution assets in a GIS database
in January of 2008. Assets cataloged include water mains, mainline
valves, hydrants, air relief valves and associated appurtenances. The
District was looking for a reliable, simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain
GIS solution that could be deployed in the field for District personnel
to access this data. The District selected TC Technology because of GO!
Sync Mobile GIS’s intuitive user interface, comprehensive set
of standard features and extensible inspection capabilities. The
solution will support the distribution of GIS data to field staff and
equip them with automation tools to improve GIS data with field
sketching, and to collect inspections records for the distribution

Technology provided a turnkey implementation that included all IT and
GIS services to install, configure and deploy the software as well as
training for application administrators. The recently completed
implementation will help the engineering and operations employees
collaborate to improve the accuracy and completeness of the
District’s GIS database and manage their critical
infrastructure assets. 

is important that our staff has access to accurate information.
Previous to implementing GO! Sync Mobile GIS both engineering and
operations have both had
multiple paper copies of maps that recorded
distribution information,” states Craig Douglas, BTWD
District Engineer. “This solution will also allow us to share
and sync information daily, allowing both engineering and operations to
have the most up to date information.” 

Sync Mapbook, with the Redline and Inspection Extensions is an
enterprise mobile solution built for organizations invested in ESRI’s
ArcGIS software. Rendering directly from a geodatabase and providing a
suite of field-friendly tools such as searching, tracing, sketching,
and routing on a flexible, centrally managed application framework, GO!
Sync Mobile GIS is affordable, straightforward to deploy, and suited
for both large and small organizations.

Brunswick and Topsham District

Brunswick and Topsham Water District is a regional water authority
incorporated in 1903 by an act of the Maine Legislature.  The
District maintains over 110 miles of water and operates three treatment
facilities.  The District serves approximately 17,000
customers, including the communities of Brunswick. Topsham, Bowdoin
College and the Naval Air Station of

About TC Technology
TC Technology is a proven leader in Mobile GIS, providing both products and services to a broad range of markets across the nation. TC Technology’s solutions are built using GO! Sync, The Mobile GIS Standard, which provides organizations complimentary options for deploying easy-to-use geospatial information into the hands of its field force where significant return on investment can be achieved.