Dakota Electric Association Deploys GO! Sync Mobile GIS

Carlsbad, CA April 28, 2009 TC Technology announces Dakota Electric Association has deployed GO! Sync Mobile GIS to its field crews. Dakota Electric selected Mapbook with the Redline Extension because of its intuitive user interface, comprehensive viewing and sketching capabilities, and seamless extension of geographic information system (GIS) to field devices.

As a part of a GIS and asset management implementation with VELOCITIE Integration, Inc. (VELOCITIE), Dakota Electric rolled-out GO! Sync Mobile GIS to 25 field crew vehicles in the first quarter of 2009. This initial deployment provides crews with maps straight from GIS that are automatically kept up-to-date. Additionally, the Redline Extension allows users to sketch map corrections and work-related drawings previously missed or done on paper.

The next phase of the project is planned for summer of 2009 and includes providing the software to additional crews and deploying GO! Sync’s Cityworks Adapter and Ticket Integration Extension, which allow personnel to plot and analyze Cityworks tickets in Mapbook; plus have full access to the Cityworks toolbar, which now embeds in GO! Sync Mobile GIS.

“With VELOCITIE’s and TC Technology’s assistance, Dakota Electric successfully deployed GO! Sync Mobile GIS,” states Mike Briggs, Information Services Director. “With GO! Sync we achieved our goal to provide easy to use mobile GIS to our field crews. Installation was straightforward and we finished on time and in budget.”

GO! Sync Mapbook, with the Redline and Ticket Integration Extensions, is an enterprise mobile solution built for organizations invested in ESRI’s ArcGIS software. Rendering directly from a geodatabase and providing a suite of field-friendly tools such as searching, tracing, sketching, and routing on an extensible application framework, GO! Sync Mobile GIS is suited for both large and small organizations.

About Dakota Electric Association
Dakota Electric Association is a member-owned, nonprofit electric utility serving parts of Dakota, Goodhue, Scott, and Rice counties, just south of the Twin Cities. Serving more than 100,000 members, Dakota Electric is the second-largest electric cooperative in Minnesota and is ranked among the 25 largest electric distribution cooperatives nationally.

About TC Technology
TC Technology is a proven leader in Mobile GIS, providing both products and services to a broad range of markets across the nation. TC Technology’s solutions are built using GO! Sync, The Mobile GIS Standard, which provides organizations complimentary options for deploying easy-to-use geospatial information into the hands of its field force where significant return on investment can be achieved.